The Acorn 180 Curve Stairlift Error Codes-A180

KEEP THESE INSTRUCTIONS NOTES TO HAND FOR EASE OF REFERENCE “Understanding your stairlift” IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR USERS WITH A POWERED HINGE Using the arm control will start the lift in motion. When the lift reaches or leaves the programmed hinge zone the stairlift will stop and the powered […]

Acorn Stairlift Training Courses

Why study for a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)? The NVQ route has been adopted because it is based on standards of competence that have been defined by the employment sector, which are seen as being directly relevant to the needs of employers. They recognise people’s practical skills at […]

Ways to Remove or Sell Unwanted Stairlifts

Savvy Ways to Remove and Sell Unwanted Stairlifts Stairlift removal Unfortunately, a considerable lot of us perusing this page will have embraced a stair lift in the ongoing going of a friend or family member. Maybe you require it expelled before offering a property, however who do you […]

Vertical / through-floor lifts

Vertical, or through floor lifts, may maximise your independence by enabling you to move from one floor to another within your home or a public building. If you use a wheelchair they may make it unnecessary for you to transfer out of your chair and onto, for example, […]

What You Need To Know When Buying Equipment To Get Access Up The Stairs !

The Options If it has become hard  for you to use the stairs, you will have a choice of options: 1- Living downstairs. This option may not be practical because, although it may be possible to move a bed downstairs, fitting a bathroom facility can prove difficult and […]