The Acorn 180 Curve Stairlift Error Codes-A180


“Understanding your stairlift”

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR USERS WITH A POWERED HINGE Using the arm control will start the lift in motion. When the lift reaches or leaves the programmed hinge zone the stairlift will stop and the powered hinge will be automatically raised or lowered at the bottom of the staircase

Understanding your stairlift

Ensure that only an authorized and qualified trained engineer installs and services your stairlift.

Under no circumstance should anyone other than an engineer trained and authorized to install, adjust, service or modify any mechanical or electrical device on the product. Failureto follow this warning may result in safety system compromises which could result in serious injury.

The Stair lift owner is required to inspect the following functions months: General operation of the Stair lift. The operation of the safety sensors. Rail and carriage are free of debris. Once a year, it is mandatory to call your stairlift repair company to perform the annual inspection, that includes all maintenance and safety inspections and repairs where necessary.

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your stairlift in proper operating condition.

We strongly recommend that you only use authorized engineers to perform all

required maintenance, service and repair work.


The pictures here 

shows a stairlift on the left hand side wall as you looking up of the stairs.

  1. Seat
  2. Armrest
  3. Status indicator
  4. Safety Edges
  5. Footrest
  6. Charging points
  7. Rail
  8. Carriage
  9. Seat swivel release paddle
  10. Seatbelt
  11. Direction controller

Turn Your Stairlift On

Use The Picture On The Right For Reference.If no power you need to call a stairlift engineer out.

A1 Batteries are not being recharged, A1 flashing on the fault indicator, and hear a beep alarm. The stairlift will beep intermittently for 60 seconds and stop entering hibernation mode. The stairlift will beep intermittently every 20 seconds and the fault indicator will go blank. Make sure the mains electricity supply should always be switched on and the stairlift parked on its charge points. The symbol will display C1 when charging or C4 when fully charged. If the batteries have lost their charge because the mains electricity supply has been switched off, or interrupted, allow them to recharge before using the stairlift
A2  Moving Up  No action required
 A3  Moving Down
 A4 Moving Up (Remote control)
 A5 Moving Down (Remote control)
A9 Stairift waiting for hinge to operate
C1  “Normal” Stairlift is on charring mode
 C4  Batteries are fully charged
E1 Down side foot sensitive safety edge has been activated. Check for obstructions.
E2 UP side foot sensitive safety edge has been activated Check for obstructions.
E3 Under foot plate sensitive safety edge has been activated Check for obstructions.
E4 Down side sensitive safety edge has been activated Check for obstructions.
E5 Up side sensitive safety edge has been activated Check for obstructions.
E6 The seat is swivelled away from its operating position
F5 Battery flat – Audible alarm Press the arm switch control or the remote control once to stop the alarm. Bring the unit down to the nearest charging station.
F7 Safety gear is on! Contact your stairlift Repair Company immediately.

  1. Level Motor Encoder
  2. Drive Motor Encoder
  3. Ground
  4. Main Motor Brake
  5. Drive Motor Positive
  6. Drive Motor Negative
  7. Battery Positive
  8. Battery Negative
  9. Left Hand PSE (Pressure Sensitive Edge)
  10. Charger
  11. Arm
  12. Options
  13. Seat
  14. Over-Speed
  15. Footrest
  16. Final Limit
  17. Over-Travel
  18. Right hand PSE (Pressure Sensitive Edge)
  19. Battery Positive
  20. Battery Negative
  21. Level Motor Negative
  22. Level Motor Positive

The Acorn 180 Stairlift is a DC electrically powered  designed

If used correctly, it will provide many years of safe,reliable service.

It is designed to carry one person weighing no more than 120kg (264lbs/18.8 stone)